Swimming in luxury with Tigelle

The summer is short in Sweden, that is why we like to make the most of it here. Taking a refreshing dip in the sea during a hot summer evening, maybe taking a nightswim in a nearby lake to cool off with a few friend or a significant other. While doing that, why not look the best you can?


Make looking the best not just a possibility, but a reality with swimwear from Tigelle. We have luxurious bikinis, and other swimwear that is sure to float your boat. Your bikini is sure to make a splash when your friends set their eyes on it. Looking this amazing will surely make anyones eyes water. 


But why stop at swimming? Our luxurious bikinis look good in and out of the water. It's not sand in peoples eyes causing them to rub them, it's in disbelief over how good you look on the beach! Whether you are making sandcastles the shape of camelot or sunbathing, you will look good in Tigelle. And they are not only good looking, they are comfortable as well! It is like wearing silk against your skin. As soon as you feel the quality of the material you will want to buy a bikini at the (water)drop of a hat! 

This summer, make sure to give your body what it deserves. Give it the best. Give it, Tigelle.

For more information and to buy our products, please visit http://tigelle.com/